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This is the ultimate guide for anyone who has ever wanted to make their own Quote Assistant

Want to increase your sales by connecting with customers?

QuoteRules is here to help. It is a chatbot developed to help you crack deals by answering all the main queries of your customers. It collects useful data for your business and enables you to frame and implement strategies. The quote generation option in this tool is developed to help your clients get project quotes. The fast, easy, and authentic quote generation encourages customers to make up their minds about purchasing a product/service and taking action. Its easy and user-friendly interface makes it a perfect choice for your business. Here is how you can win customers through QuoteRules.

Step 1

Making an account

QuoteRules is all about your personalized experience. It is about you and your customers, and we understand it. You can join QuoteRules by simply clicking here and making an account. The account creation process is as simple as any other user-friendly interface you are using. You will need to provide some basic information to become a user of this product. This information includes your name, email, and password. Once you enter to provide this information, your account creation will be completed, and you will be ready to enjoy a personalized experience of handling your business. If you are already a member of QuoteRules, click sign in, enter your email and password, and you are all set to grow your business.

Step 2

Tools to help you manage your account

Once you have logged in to our software, you will find five important tools to manage your account and projects.


The first one is your personalized dashboard. It is a place where all of your projects will show up. It is very easy to access and manage. You will learn about the response to your projects and leads here. All your bots will appear here. You can edit and save them in the dashboard section. You can change the names of your projects, edit pricing details and keep an eye on customer response by visiting your dashboard section.


The second tool is notifications. QuoteRules is all about connecting you with your target audience; therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the notification segment. It is where you get all the latest updates about projects and know what needs to be changed. You will be able to monitor all the data gathered through this tool and learn about the needs and preferences of your customers. It enables you to keep informed about the response and reactions of your audience.


The third tool is your account. Your security and a personalized experience are our priorities. The account section helps you manage your details and make changes per your needs and comfort. You can change your account password and edit personal details in this section. Like other tools of QuoteRules, this one is also user-friendly and involves simple steps.


You will find the "templates" option on the main dashboard after you have made your account. We offer several templates to help you create your chatbot assistant. These templates are based on our strong algorithm that detects the type of project you want to create and consists of possible questions that your customers are more likely to ask. Our templates are flexible, and you can customize them or create a new template according to your project. For instance, you can use some of the suggested questions and add a few new questions according to your needs in one of the templates you are using. Also, you could create a unique template based on questions of your choice.

Step 3

Creating your first chatbot

The next step is the creation of your first chatbot. To perform this action, all you have to do is to click on the new bot.
A window like this will appear.
You will see an option for "my templates" here. This area will contain templates you have created. You will find no templates if you have not created any in this software. However, our marketplace templates are here to help. You will find several templates on different themes related to your projects under marketplace templates.
For instance, your project is related to mobile game app development. To create a bot, you will click mobile game development and then click next.
This is where your personalized experience will begin.
You will name your bot and click next. For example, we name this bot “High Speed”. This bot will be added to our dashboard and will appear like this.
You can manage your bot by clicking on manage.
You will be given different editing options like this.


The appearance section will help you manage how your bot will look like. You can change icons and preview your settings after saving them for the target audience. For instance, you can change the bot icon and add a special name for your bot in this section. This name could be the name of your project or any name that you find fit for your bot.
QuoteRules offer three icons for your chatbot; however, you can upload an image of a personalized icon if you need it to appear differently. This could be your company logo or thing.
The language option is also available here. You can choose one language for your chatbot out of seven options. This decision could be made based on your target audience or country. Furthermore, the same page allows you to manage the discussion layout.
The next option is regarding the assistant name. You can use a personalized name for your bot. This name will appear on the top of the message from the bot. QuoteRules bot has a welcome message, i.e. "Hey! what brings you here?" but to ensure you fully control your created project, we allow you to use a customized message as your bot welcome message.
The default app bar title is "our services", but just like any other feature, this can also be personalized. The intro message could also be changed as per your needs. Using right words in the intro message can help you win attention of clients and enhance your sales. You can set your country name in the default country option. This will help your customers or clients to contact you and buy your products and services. The settings will appear like this.
We know that your brand identity is extremely important for connecting you and your customers. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of colours for your assistant. You can use colours according to the theme of your website or business logo. This could help you in positioning your products or services in minds of the target audience and develop an emotional bond with them.
Once you edit and save the bot appearance section, it will appear in the preview section.
You can always make changes to your bot's appearance.
EditAfter the appearance comes to the edit section, this section is made to help you develop your template with questions for your bot. All your questions and related questions will appear in the review section on the right side of the page.
For example, you are creating a template for mobile game development. You could use the following questions. How many characters do you have in-game?How will your game be?What additional features do you need in your game?Social media integration, ads, or In-App purchases are popular add-ons that help you monetize your game.
Pick what is best for you.How many levels are in your game? Add some personal information questions, then. The questions related to personal information need to be generic, such as; name, email, mobile number, and preferences of the customer.
This data could also be used in developing and implementing strategies for your business. These questions will help you gather data about your target audience. A preview of your questions will look like this.


The next tool that QuoteRules offers its customers is "rules"; it enables you to set your rate in the currency you find best for your clients. The rate you set will be per hour of service. The rate is adjusted for different questions in the bot's template. To meet the advanced needs of your customers, you can also use the option of adding a custom task. The rules page looks like this.
Adding a custom task will involve two simple steps entering details of the main task and including task items in the description box. The image given below shows how this will work.


Analytics is where you see the performance of your bot every week. This assessment will use three indicators. The first indicator is the opening of the bot. A black coloured circle represents it. It shows how many times customers have opened the bot. A dull yellowish shade circle shows another indicator, i.e. chat started. This will tell you how often a chat was initiated with your bot throughout the week. The third and last indicator is orange colour and tells the count of users who Submitted a quote successfully.The analytics sections look like this.
The analytics section is powerful for you as a project owner as it gives you real insights. It improves the decision-making process and tells what needs to be done to win the target audience's interest. The strategies could also be developed using the data collected by the chats of target audiences. Modifications could be made to the bot questions at any time to improve the chatbot and generate leads.
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