Get your unique Code snippet and integrate quote assistant in your website or mobile App.
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1. Website integration as a chatbot

This type of integration is done to prompt quote assistant as chatbot, where code snippet is copied and pasted in the body section of your HTML page.
Quoterules assistant code snippet
Paste above copied code snippet in your webpage.
Paste this code snippet in your common footer, then quote assistant will appear on all of your pages.
Now when you visit your webpage, It will appear as this screenshot:
You can change its appearance and color theme, from the Edit Assistant button in the dashboard more options:

2. Integration as an iframe

This type of integration works best for mobile apps, where you can render this quote assistant as web-view Or if you want to place this quote assistant to replace your contact form on the contact us page.
Code snippet example for use quote assistant as an iframe


Live example of replacing contact-us form with smart quote assistant