Zapier integration

QuoteRules +Zapier integration allow you to connect QuoteRules with your existing favorite apps.
Few most used examples are:
  • When you get the new QuoteRules lead, then update that lead information in the Google sheet.
  • When you get the new QuoteRules lead, then send a message in the Slack channel and notify your team.
  • When you get the new QuoteRules lead, then create a new entry at the board, so that your sales team follow that.
  • When you get the new lead send an Email with lead information to your sales team members.

Connect QuoteRules with Zapier, using an API key

  1. 1.
    Copy API key from your quote assistant settings
2. Log in to your Zapier account
3. In the dashboard, type Quoterules in the first textbox and select this App
Find QuoteRules in Zapier Apps list
4. In the second text box type your favorite app which you want to integrate, here I type Slack
Select other App you want to connect with QuoteRules
5. Set trigger like this, When a new lead is created, send all lead information to my Slack channel as a message.
Select Trigger, when you want to pass data to connecting App
6. Now next step asks you to connect to your QuoteRules account, here you have to paste your API key which you copied from step 1
Connect button will prompt windo to enter API key (copy this from step 1)
Enter your API key (explained this in Step 1.)
7. After QuoteRules connectivity, in the next step you will be prompted for Slack login, once you log in with slack, in the next screen you will select a channel and then write your message.
The Message has all the data fields, which you receive from QuoteRules when a new lead is created.
You can send this lead information to slack message as follow
Write your message template and add leads information
8. When you receive a new lead at Quoterules, you will get a slack message like this
When lead is created at QuoteRules, you will receive Slack message like this