Create Project

Build a quote assistant in minutes with our no-code quote assistant maker. Instantaneously improve your lead generation and grow your sales.
  1. 1.
    Log in to the Quoterules user account and in the dashboard, click the new Quote Assistant button.
  2. 2.
    It will ask you to select templates, you can pick one or more templates for your quote Assistant.

Select Templates/Topics

A quote assistant must have one or more templates to be selected. The Template is a set of questions and options we ask users to gather information about a specific topic. We provide template management to create or modify default templates, where you can create a new template from scratch or create a new template from default templates. Click here to manage your templates.
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    When you created some templates, then create new quote assistant will ask you to select one or more templates.
2. Next button will ask you to enter a name for your Assistant/Project.
3. Click submit & your Quote assistant will be ready in few seconds and it redirects you to the dashboard.


This is an example of created quote assistant with 4 Templates/Topics with the Assistant name / Project name Demo Project
Next, you will learn how to install this quote assistant on your website or mobile app